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When we work together, we can achieve faster, more effective change. We work with Government to tackle challenges impacting children and young people by:

  • providing advice on policy opportunities
  • directing investment and assessing outcomes
  • informing and advocating for evidence-based policy and initiatives
  • implementing evidence and driving systems change

This work brings together experts with wide-ranging knowledge and skills. Find out more about our Research Themes here.

By collaborating with government, we can ensure our research is responsive to real world challenges. We provide pragmatic and feasible solutions to drive positive outcomes for children, families and communities.

We offer a range of services and tailored solutions to Government agencies including:

  • evidence review and synthesis
  • population-based surveys
  • community consultation
  • landscape and policy scans
  • strategy and policy advice
  • clinical and practice guidelines
  • monitoring and evaluation frameworks
  • data analytics, linkage and statistical modelling
  • policy design and evaluation
  • training and resource development
  • program evaluation
  • laboratory-based testing and analysis
  • subject matter expertise
  • economic analysis and modelling
  • IDEA (Intellectual Disability Exploring Answers) Database
  • Building social and emotional wellbeing through the arts
  • South Australian Early Years System Review: Aligning What We Know to What We Do
  • New South Wales Education Student Behaviour Strategy
  • Exploring participation in the South Australian Wellbeing and Engagement Collection (WEC)
  • Evaluation of headspace