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We want every child to have the very best opportunity to enjoy a happy and healthy childhood.  

Based in Perth, Western Australia, our team of almost 600 dedicated researchers and support staff are passionate about discovering causes, cures and treatments for the illnesses and diseases that target our kids and young people.  

With top scientific minds and facilities, a reputation for being at the forefront of global child health research and a track record to prove it, Telethon Kids is world-class.

Yet we know that our work is even stronger when we work together. We are committed to collaboration.

We create and facilitate connections with researchers, clinicians and practitioners, service providers, our partners and the community, to maximise the potential in what we do and deliver tangible benefits to kids and families.


Every day we're discovering how and why childhood diseases develop - and we've never been in a stronger position. Advancements in research and technology, combined with our strong research track record and our global collaborations, mean we have a clearer path to make an impact.


We're working to cure childhood diseases through new and better therapies and interventions. We want kids to be able to live their lives to the healthiest and happiest, right here in our community - and around the world.


We're working to cure some diseases through new and better therapies and interventions because we want children to have the very best childhood possible.

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