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In the real world of research, eureka moments are few and far between.

Instead, there is a pipeline of research over many years to build understanding of disease, find out how we might tackle it and then ongoing evaluation to see if cures, treatments or interventions have worked.

It's an incremental process with many milestones along the way, all of which contribute to the global effort to give our kids and families the best possible health and happiness.

Here at Telethon Kids, our dedicated researchers are passionate about discovering causes, cures and treatments for the illnesses and diseases that target our kids and young people.

  • Our laboratory-based researchers are discovering the mechanisms behind how disease develops.
  • Our population health researchers are using surveys, questionnaires and databases to find patterns and trends of disease in populations of people.
  • In the clinic, we are testing new therapies and interventions as well as ways to better manage disease.

We create and foster collaboration with researchers, practitioners, service providers, our partners and the community, to translate our research into the next steps on the research pipeline to deliver tangible benefits to kids and families.

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