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Project Officer

BSocSci, MPhil

Adrienne is a Project Officer with the Tenders Support Unit at Telethon Kids Institute, where her role is to coordinate and support tender submissions, and facilitate the Institute's position as a provider of high-quality contract research services to government and non-government agencies. This role builds on her work with the Child Health, Development and Education Team, primarily working on evaluation projects commissioned by Australian government departments. She works collaboratively with government, community, and other stakeholders to support the design of programs and services that improve outcomes for children and families. Adrienne has experience conducting stakeholder consultations and evidence reviews to ensure programs are evidence-based, locally relevant, and fit-for-purpose.

Recent projects Adrienne has worked on include:

  • A review of inclusive preschool program options for children with disability and complex needs.
  • A process and outcomes evaluation of a state-wide online maths tutoring initiative to accelerate student learning outcomes.

Previously, Adrienne worked as a project coordinator in the non-profit sector facilitating service design projects in aged care, disability, and early childhood. She has also worked on grant funded academic projects, which led to changes at the policy and program level and were presented at international conferences.