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Research Assistant


Neida is a Research Assistant in the Early Years Systems Evidence team. Neida has completed a Master of Public Health at the University of Michigan and a Bachelor of Dental Surgery at the University Colegios de Colombia. Neida is interested in the application of statistical methods in population health. 

In her role at the Telethon Kids Institute, Neida provides statistical analysis expertise and support to the EYSE team and works across multiple projects that focus on the development and wellbeing of children and adolescents. Neida’s research expertise is primarily quantitative, and she has strong skills in managing, linking, and analysing large, population-level datasets. Specifically, Neida has worked on several projects utilising data from the South Australian Wellbeing and Engagement Collection (WEC), an annual census of students’ social and emotional wellbeing within the education system, and the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC), a national, triennial census of children’s development in the first year of school.