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Our researchers are responsible for discovering or contributing to real game-changers.
We're making a big difference to children's health and wellbeing.

Download "Build" Infographic (PDF, 273kb)
Infographic 2018: We're building research capacity at Telethon Kids Institute.

Since 1990, our researchers have authored or co-authored thousands of books, articles and monographs.
These continue to contribute to breakthroughs in children's health.

Download "Understand" Infographic (PDF, 672kb)
Infographic 2018: We're advancing research knowledge at Telethon Kids Institute.

It's important to collaborate and augment research from other institutions.
This is what drives genuine progress.

Download "Involve" Infographic (PDF, 284kb)
Infographic 2018: We're informing decision making through research at Telethon Kids Institute.

Over two-and-a-half decades is a brief period in terms of medical research. 
Complex problems worthy of inquiry at a top-class research institute cannot be solved overnight.

Download "Translate" Infographic (PDF, 307kb)
Infographic 2018: We're effecting change to translate health research into real-life outcomes at Telethon Kids Institute.

Download Complete 4-part Infographic (PDF, 1.5mb)

For more information on how our research helps deliver real outcomes, view our annual Impact Report.