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Senior Project Coordinator


Ellen is a Senior Project Coordinator in the Early Years Systems Evidence Team. Ellen works on contracted research and evaluation projects, and has primarily been working with the Australian Government Department of Education on the Provision of Engagement Services for the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC). In this role Ellen coordinates support services and leads the development of resources for schools, communities, and policy makers around understanding and utilising AEDC data. Ellen works collaboratively with government and other stakeholders to contribute to evidence that informs policy and practice to support children and families in the early years. Ellen has experience conducting consultations with community members and families to ensure programs and services are responsive to needs and fit-for-purpose. 

Recent projects Ellen has worked on include: 

  • Scoping and mapping of the South Australian Early Years System. 
  • A review of inclusive preschool program options for children with disability and complex needs. 
  • Evaluation of a social work-based family conference program to support students who do not attend school regularly.

Ellen has worked previously in a university research and tutor role within the subject area of Social Work and has experience working with children and families in education and health settings.