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Our Supply Partners are helping us to make a difference.
Terms and Conditions

All goods and services supplied to the Telethon Kids Institute are required to be provided in accordance with our standard General Conditions of Contract for the Supply of Goods and Services under a Purchase Order [PDF] unless a separate written contract has been executed by the Telethon Kids Institute.

All suppliers will be expected to comply with the Institute’s Contractor Code of Conduct.

The Institute’s Procurement team is able to offer specialised procurement services and supplier arrangements to medical research institutes across Australia to assist the achievement of greater value for money outcomes across the sector, including financial savings and administrative efficiencies when purchasing goods and services.

Collaborative Procurement provides an exciting opportunity to improve procurement outcomes for all stakeholders through combining the expenditure of multiple organisations and approaching the market collectively as a more attractive and valuable customer.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss Collaborative Procurement further, so if you are interested in learning more about this initiative and how it could benefit your organisation, please contact the Procurement team to arrange a suitable time to catch up.