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Honorary Research Associate


Professor Graham Hall is an internationally recognised respiratory physiologist and former Co-Head of Children’s Lung Health at the Telethon Kids Institute. He previously held a Professor role in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Curtin University. Prof. Hall completed his PhD at the Telethon Kids Institute in late 1999 before working in the University Children's Hospitals in Zurich and Bern in Switzerland. In 2003, he was appointed as Senior Respiratory Scientist of the Respiratory Laboratory at Perth Children’s Hospital before joining Telethon Kids in mid-2010 as the Head of Children's Lung Health. He currently holds an Honorary Research Associate appointment at Telethon Kids.

Prof. Hall leads a research program focused on improving the diagnosis and management of chronic lung disease from infancy and into adult life, with a targeted approach to translating research outcomes into clinical practice. He has extensive national and international collaborations across various areas of respiratory science and medicine including in cystic fibrosis, asthma, chronic respiratory disease of preterm birth, and neuromuscular disorders. His research includes: investigating markers of early lung damage in infants and young children with cystic fibrosis as part of the AREST CF group; assessing the long-term respiratory impacts of preterm birth; preventing respiratory adverse events in children undergoing anaesthesia for surgery; developing appropriate clinical testing platforms to assess respiratory function in children with neuromuscular disorders and; developing reference values to improve the accuracy of lung function assessment in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island populations.

Prof. Hall has an established international reputation in paediatric respiratory science and consistently contributes to international respiratory health research including contribution to guidelines and agenda setting committees. He is co-chair of the Global Lung Function Initiative Network that have developed reference ranges for commonly used respiratory function tests. He is a Fellow of the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand, and the European Respiratory Society.