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Mum of two, Evelyn and Nicolas. Trial participant, project community member.





I want to teach my children what it means to be part of a community. I want them to appreciate the role of science and research to good health. I want them to see how fortunate we all are to have good health and access to healthcare. When Evie says to me, “It’s Nico’s turn for research, to help the babies” it fills me up with joy.

We have been involved in the RSV trials at Telethon Kids Institute, from the maternal one through to the toddler one for both Evie and Nico. The trial team have been part of our lives since the very beginning at Evie’s birth and they have watched both kids grow up. The trial has given me added purpose, and I loved the extra set of medical eyes checking over my babies (especially as a first-time mum).