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Age 20. Trial participant, project community member, volunteer.






Without input from the community, we can't see how our research is impacting the people we study. I feel it is particularly important to hear from the people who are directly impacted by research. As someone who was born preterm, I feel that I have a unique perspective on the issues people who were born preterm face. I have been involved in the WALHIP study since I was four.

My twin and I had been involved in research before and I remember being pleasantly surprised by how kind and genuine the researchers were. They never pushed us to do anything we weren't comfortable with and were extremely patient with us. It was, all-round, a really fun experience. As an adult, I felt that same kindness and appreciation. I hope to be an advocate for the lived experience of preterm children and young people. I'm planning on doing my honours with Telethon Kids and I hope I can continue to bring this perspective to my own research.