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As a parent of two children who regularly use electronic devices for school and leisure purposes – including a laptop, phone and game console – Perth dad Rory Murray is all too aware of how hard it can be to stay across the kinds of things they may be encountering online.

“As kids are growing older they’re using new apps all the time,” Rory said. “They hear about different apps from their friends or new apps that have been released and as a parent you just can’t keep up with that.”

Downloading the Beacon app, however, has prepared him with the information he needs to have really helpful conversations about cyber-safety with his 11-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter – something he said his kids appreciated because it showed he cared about them. He especially liked the family agreement feature, which enables families to discuss and reach a consensus around screen use and online content.

“That allows us to periodically go and have these conversations with each child and go through a number of different elements around cyber safety,” he said. “It reminds us of all the different categories of information and the different issues we need to talk about to make sure they’re all covered, to have the conversation from an informed perspective.”

Rory said he also appreciated the broad range of topics available. “By having an app like Beacon you can just have a quick browse, then go and do some research and then you can keep up to date really easily with what they’re doing and what’s involved.

“A lot of it is not so much about looking for an answer to a question, but having all that information at your fingertips,” he said.