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Ear Health Program

Djaalinj Waakinj

Ear Health team student Alumni

  • Cheryl Da Costa, MD
  • Hrehan Hakeem, MD
  • Symone Ishak, Honours
  • Emily Furness, Honours
  • Elizabeth Weeda, MD
  • Ann Thomas, MD
  • Caroline Fanning, MClinAud
  • Bernice Ong, MClinAud
  • Holly Richmond, Honours
  • Sarah Firns, MClinAud
  • Tara Prentice, MClinAud
  • Vaishali Varsana, MClinAud
  • Samantha Pan, MClinAud
  • Courtney Zoughby, MClinAud
  • Jacinta Lim, MClinAud
  • Kerry Majid, MClinAud
  • Tess Anderson, MClinAud
  • Tara Pratarelli, MClinAud
  • Farima Oladi, MClinAud
  • Luke Austin, MClinAud
  • Elena Montgomery, Princeton Global Health Certificate
  • Amy Neville, BSc. Speech Path. (Honours)
  • Nalani Gleeson, BSc. Speech Path. (Honours)
  • Brianna Lewis, BSc. Speech Path. (Honours)
  • Danielle Hooper, BSc. Speech Path. (Honours)
  • Dr Babatunde Oremulé, Turing Scholar Placement
  • Eman Alenezi, PhD


January 2024

A hospital-based asynchronous ENT telehealth service for children with otitis media: Cost-minimisation and improved access

The purpose of this study is to explore the effectiveness of a hospital-based asynchronous ear, nose, and throat telehealth service (the Ear Portal) in reducing cost and improving access for children with otitis media.

Published research Ear Infections Ear Health Vaccine Trials Group Youth Mental Health Subsite: Wesfarmers Centre of Vaccines and Infectious Diseases Telehealth
January 2024

Remote paediatric ear examination comparing video-otoscopy and still otoscopy clinician rated outcomes

Telemedicine, particularly real time video-otoscopy in rural and remote Australia holds great potential in assessing and managing otology conditions. There is good evidence of store and forward images for assessment, however limited evidence exists for the use of real-time video-otoscopy. The objective of this study was to assess the validity of using real time video-otoscopy, compared to standard store and forward still image otoscopy, in a paediatric population.

Published research Ear Infections Ear Health Telehealth