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Koorlungkas Yarning


September 2017

Cochrane Corner: interventions to improve hearing aid use in adult auditory rehabilitation

This "Cochrane Corner" will be a recurring feature in the journal that highlights systematic reviews relevant to audiology, with invited commentary to aid clinical decision making.

Published research Ear Health
May 2017

Mental health problems among 4–17-year-olds with hearing problems: results from a nationally representative study

Clinicians caring for children and young people with hearing problems should be alert for heightened risk of specific mental health problems based on age and the nature of hearing problems.

Published research Health Promotion & Education Youth Health & Wellbeing Human Capability Ear Health Youth Mental Health
April 2017

Rhinovirus C is associated with wheezing and rhinovirus A is associated with pneumonia in hospitalized children in Morocco

We aimed to describe the distribution of RV species and associations between RV species and clinical features in children hospitalized with clinically severe pneumonia in Morocco

Published research Infectious Diseases Ear Health