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December 2016

The safety of maternal immunization

Existing evidence supporting the safety of vaccination during pregnancy should be used to reassure pregnant women and improve vaccine uptake in pregnancy

Published research Immunisation Infectious Diseases Epidemiology
October 2016

Effect of Maternal Influenza Vaccination on Hospitalization for Respiratory Infections in Newborns: A Retrospective Cohort Study

Maternal influenza vaccination was associated with a reduction in the incidence of hospital admission for acute respiratory illness among infants <6 months old

Published research Academic Biostatistics Influenza Infectious Diseases Epidemiology
August 2016

Association of gestational age and growth measures at birth with infection-related admissions to hospital throughout childhood

Children who were born with reduced gestational age, birthweight, and birth length have persistently increased rates of infection-related admissions to hospital until age 18 years

Published research Academic Biostatistics Infectious Diseases Infectious Diseases Epidemiology Computational Biology