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Clinical Research Audiologist


Greta's career journey showcases her commitment to audiology and her passion for improving the lives of individuals with hearing impairment. 

Starting in Italy at her family's practice, she refined her skills by conducting thorough diagnostic audiological evaluations. Her dedication extended beyond the aural rehabilitation of her patients, but also included counselling to their families. In addition, Greta was involved in dispensing cutting-edge hearing aids and managing their ongoing care. This comprehensive approach underscores her commitment to ensuring that individuals not only receive appropriate devices but also benefit from continuous support and maintenance. Greta's focus on patient education reflects her understanding of the importance of raising awareness about hearing loss, hearing protection, and the selection of suitable hearing aids.

After a gap year exploring Asian cultures, Greta transitioned to medical research in Australia at the Telethon Kids Institute. Currently, her focus is on evaluating outcomes for children with otitis media, specializing in paediatric audiology and emphasizing care for Aboriginal children in the metropolitan area.