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What is pneumococcal disease?

March 2020

Panel 7 – Pathogenesis of otitis media – A review of the literature between 2015 and 2019

The most urgent areas appear to be to continue monitoring the emergence of novel otopathogens, and the need to develop prevention and preventative therapies

Published research Ear Infections Vaccine Trials Group Bacterial Respiratory Infectious Disease Group
February 2020

SCN1A Variants in vaccine-related febrile seizures: A prospective study

Pathogenic SCN1A variants may be identified in infants with vaccine-proximate febrile seizures

Published research Immunisation Vaccine Trials Group
January 2020

Meningococcal B vaccine and meningococcal carriage in adolescents in Australia

Among Australian adolescents, the 4CMenB vaccine had no discernible effect on the carriage of disease-causing meningococci, including group B

Published research Infectious Diseases Vaccine Trials Group
January 2020

The Use of Test-negative Controls to Monitor Vaccine Effectiveness: A Systematic Review of Methodology

Our review highlights similarities and differences in the application of the test-negative design that deserve further examination

Published research Immunisation Infectious Diseases Vaccine Trials Group