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September 2022

Monitoring disease progression in childhood bronchiectasis

Bronchiectasis (not related to cystic fibrosis) is a chronic lung disease caused by a range of etiologies but characterized by abnormal airway dilatation, recurrent respiratory symptoms, impaired quality of life and reduced life expectancy.

Published research Children's Lung Health P4 Respiratory Health for Kids Subsite: Walyan BREATH Immune system
September 2022

Genome analysis and phenotypic characterization of Halomonas hibernica isolated from a traditional food process with novel quorum quenching and catalase activities

Traditional food processes can utilize bacteria to promote positive organoleptic qualities and increase shelf life. Wiltshire curing has a vital bacterial component that has not been fully investigated from a microbial perspective.

Published research P4 Respiratory Health for Kids
August 2022

Lipopolysaccharide-induced interferon response networks at birth are predictive of severe viral lower respiratory infections in the first year of life

Appropriate innate immune function is essential to limit pathogenesis and severity of severe lower respiratory infections (sLRI) during infancy, a leading cause of hospitalization and risk factor for subsequent asthma in this age group.

Published research Early Childhood Development Pregnancy and Early Life Immunology Human Immunology P4 Respiratory Health for Kids Respiratory viral infections
June 2022

Dysphagia in laryngomalacia: a prospective cohort study

Dysphagia is an under recognised co-morbidity in patients with laryngomalacia. Its rate is variable reported in the literature. We aim to describe the incidence of dysphagia in laryngomalacia, the effect of interventions on this, and the period it persists in these infants.

Published research P4 Respiratory Health for Kids

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