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October 2020

Early disease surveillance in young children with cystic fibrosis: A qualitative analysis of parent experiences

Sensitive measures of early lung disease are being integrated into therapeutic trials and clinical practice in cystic fibrosis (CF). The impact of early disease surveillance (EDS) using these novel and often intensive techniques on young children and their families is not well researched.

Cystic Fibrosis Published research Child Health, Development & Education P4 Respiratory Health for Kids Children’s Respiratory Science
October 2020

Microbiomic Analysis on Low Abundant Respiratory Biomass Samples; Improved Recovery of Microbial DNA From Bronchoalveolar Lavage Fluid

In recent years the study of the commensal microbiota is driving a remarkable paradigm shift in our understanding of human physiology. However, intrinsic technical difficulties associated with investigating the Microbiomics of some body niches are hampering the development of new knowledge. This is particularly the case when investigating the functional role played by the human microbiota in modulating the physiology of key organ systems. A major hurdle in investigating specific Microbiome communities is linked to low bacterial density and susceptibility to bias caused by environmental contamination.

Published research P4 Respiratory Health for Kids Subsite: Walyan
December 2020

Assessment of different techniques for the administration of inhaled salbutamol in children breathing spontaneously via tracheal tubes, supraglottic airway devices, and tracheostomies

Perioperative respiratory adverse events account for a third of all perioperative cardiac arrests, with bronchospasm and laryngospasm being most common. Standard treatment for bronchospasm is administration of inhaled salbutamol, via pressurized metered dose inhaler. There is little evidence on the best method of attaching the pressurized metered dose inhaler to the artificial airway during general anesthesia. The aim of this study is to investigate the best method to deliver aerosolized salbutamol via pressurized metered dose inhaler to the lungs of an anesthetized child.

Published research P4 Respiratory Health for Kids Perioperative Medicine
July 2020

Linking the westernised oropharyngeal microbiome to the immune response in Chinese immigrants

Human microbiota plays a fundamental role in modulating the immune response. Western environment and lifestyle are envisaged to alter the human microbiota with a new microbiome profile established in Chinese immigrants, which fails to prime the immune system. Here, we investigated how differences in composition of oropharyngeal microbiome may contribute to patterns of interaction between the microbiome and immune system in Chinese immigrants living in Australia.

Published research Genetics and Health P4 Respiratory Health for Kids

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