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December 2021

Personal network inference unveils heterogeneous immune response patterns to viral infection in children with acute wheezing

Human rhinovirus (RV)-induced exacerbations of asthma and wheeze are a major cause of emergency room presentations and hospital admissions among children. Previous studies have shown that immune response patterns during these exacerbations are heterogeneous and are characterized by the presence or absence of robust interferon responses.

Published research Systems Immunology ORIGINS P4 Respiratory Health for Kids Children’s Respiratory Science Immune system Respiratory viral infections
December 2021

Dysregulated Notch Signaling in the Airway Epithelium of Children with Wheeze

The airway epithelium of children with wheeze is characterized by defective repair that contributes to disease pathobiology. Dysregulation of developmental processes controlled by Notch has been identified in chronic asthma. However, its role in airway epithelial cells of young children with wheeze, particularly during repair, is yet to be determined.

Asthma Published research Airway Epithelial Research P4 Respiratory Health for Kids Bacterial Respiratory Infectious Disease Group Subsite: Walyan
December 2021

The prevalence of tuberculosis and malaria in minority indigenous populations of South- East Asia and the Western Pacific Region: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Infectious diseases have been shown to disproportionately affect indigenous populations. Tuberculosis (TB) and malaria continue to impose a significant burden on humanity and are among the infectious diseases targeted within the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Published research Infectious Diseases P4 Respiratory Health for Kids Geospatial Health and Development
January 2022

Global distribution of human hookworm species and differences in their morbidity effects: a systematic review

The global distribution and morbidity effects for each specific hookworm species is unknown, which prevents implementation of the optimum intervention for local hookworm control.

Published research P4 Respiratory Health for Kids Geospatial Health and Development

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