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May 2024

Which reference equation should we use for interpreting spirometry values for First Nations Australians? A cross-sectional study

To evaluate the suitability of the Global Lung Function Initiative (GLI)-2012 other/mixed and GLI-2022 global reference equations for evaluating the respiratory capacity of First Nations Australians. 

Published research Aboriginal Health Children's Lung Health Subsite: Walyan Lung function
April 2024

Determinants of lung function development from birth to age 5 years: an interrupted time series analysis of a South African birth cohort

Early life is a key period that determines long-term health. Lung development in childhood predicts lung function attained in adulthood and morbidity and mortality across the life course. We aimed to assess the effect of early-life lower respiratory tract infection (LRTI) and associated risk factors on lung development from birth to school age in a South African birth cohort.

Published research Early Childhood Development Children's Lung Health Subsite: Walyan Lung function
Jun 2023

Simultaneous multiple breath washout and oxygen-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging in healthy adults

Lung function testing and lung imaging are commonly used techniques to monitor respiratory diseases, such as cystic fibrosis (CF). The nitrogen (N2) multiple-breath washout technique (MBW) has been shown to detect ventilation inhomogeneity in CF, but the underlying pathophysiological processes that are altered are often unclear.

Cystic Fibrosis Published research Children's Lung Health Lung function