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May 2020

Association between diesel engine exhaust exposure and lung function in Australian gold miners

Diesel engine exhaust exposures were higher in underground miners and had a negative association with their lung function over a single 12-h shift

Published research Academic Biostatistics Children's Lung Health
April 2020

We won't find what we don't look for: Identifying barriers and enablers of chronic wet cough in Aboriginal children

Key barriers to effective management of chronic wet cough are limited training in chronic wet cough management combined with competing complexities

Published research Children's Lung Health Wet Cough
March 2020

Impact of HIV and antiretroviral drug exposure on lung growth and function over 2 years in an African Birth Cohort

HIV exposure is associated with altered lung function in early life, with a vulnerable HIV-exposed uninfected subgroup based on maternal disease severity

Published research Children's Lung Health