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October 2023

A rapid semi-quantitative screening method to assess chemicals present in heated e-liquids and e-cigarette aerosols

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) lack regulatory status as therapeutic products in all jurisdictions worldwide. They are potentially unsafe consumer products, with significant evidence they pose a risk to human health. Therefore, developing rapid, economical test methods to assess the chemical composition of e-liquids in heated and unheated forms and the aerosols produced by e-cigarettes is crucial.

Published research Respiratory Environmental Health Subsite: Walyan Perioperative Medicine E-cigarettes
October 2023

Airway-associated adipose tissue accumulation is increased in a kisspeptin receptor knockout mouse model

Airway-associated adipose tissue increases with body mass index and is a local source of pro-inflammatory adipokines that may contribute to airway pathology in asthma co-existing with obesity. Genetic susceptibility to airway adiposity was considered in the present study through kisspeptin/kisspeptin receptor signalling, known to modulate systemic adiposity and potentially drive airway remodelling. 

Asthma Published research Respiratory Environmental Health
August 2023

RISING STARS: The heat is on: how does heat exposure cause pregnancy complications?

The incidence and severity of heatwaves are increasing globally with concomitant health complications. Pregnancy is a critical time in the life course at risk of adverse health outcomes due to heat exposure. Dynamic physiological adaptations, which include altered thermoregulatory pathways, occur in pregnancy.

Published research Respiratory Environmental Health Pre-term birth Maternal health