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February 2019

Nicotine and other potentially harmful compounds in "nicotine-free" e-cigarette liquids in Australia

The aim of our investigation was to assess the chemical composition of a range of e-liquids available in Australia, focusing on nicotine and other potentially harmful compounds

Published research Respiratory Environmental Health
January 2019

Maternal high fat diet compromises survival and modulates lung development of offspring, and impairs lung function of dams

While maternal high fat diet compromised litter survival, it also promoted somatic and lung growth (increased lung volume) in the offspring

Published research Cardiometabolic Sunhealth Respiratory Environmental Health
November 2018

Transplacental immune modulation with a bacterial-derived agent protects against allergic airway inflammation

These data provide proof of concept supporting the rationale for developing transplacental immune reprogramming approaches for primary disease prevention

Published research Experimental Immunology Human Immunology Respiratory Environmental Health
May 2018

Effects of human rhinovirus on epithelial barrier integrity and function in children with asthma

This study demonstrates novel intrinsic differences in tight junctions gene and protein expression between airway epithelial cells of children with and without asthma

Asthma Published research Airway Epithelial Research P4 Respiratory Health for Kids Respiratory Environmental Health