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August 2023

RISING STARS: The heat is on: how does heat exposure cause pregnancy complications?

The incidence and severity of heatwaves are increasing globally with concomitant health complications. Pregnancy is a critical time in the life course at risk of adverse health outcomes due to heat exposure. Dynamic physiological adaptations, which include altered thermoregulatory pathways, occur in pregnancy.

Published research Respiratory Environmental Health Pre-term birth Maternal health
March 2023

Electronic Cigarette Usage Patterns and Perceptions in Adult Australians

Despite their increasing popularity, and Australia's unique regulatory environment, how and why Australian adults use e-cigarettes and their perceptions of their safety, efficacy and regulation have not been extensively reported before. In this study, we screened 2217 adult Australians with the aim of assessing these questions in a sample of current or former e-cigarette users.

Published research Respiratory Environmental Health Subsite: Walyan
March 2023

Respiratory Health Effects of In Vivo Sub-Chronic Diesel and Biodiesel Exhaust Exposure

Biodiesel, which can be made from a variety of natural oils, is currently promoted as a sustainable, healthier replacement for commercial mineral diesel despite little experimental data supporting this. The aim of our research was to investigate the health impacts of exposure to exhaust generated by the combustion of diesel and two different biodiesels.

Asthma Published research Airway Epithelial Research Respiratory Environmental Health Child and adolescent health
March 2023

The effect of TNF treatment uptake on incident hospital admission in Western Australia

Treatment strategies for juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) have shifted significantly over the last 20 years. We examined the effect of the introduction of government-subsidised TNF inhibitor (TNFi) treatment on incident hospitalisation for JIA.

Published research Respiratory Environmental Health Child and adolescent health