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January 2021

Mouse Lung Structure and Function after Long-Term Exposure to an Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Level Predicted by Climate Change Modeling

Climate change models predict that atmospheric carbon dioxide [CO2] levels will be between 700 and 900 ppm within the next 80yrs. In this study we aimed to assess the respiratory structure and function effects of long-term exposure to 890ppm CO2 from preconception to adulthood using a mouse model.

Published research Respiratory Environmental Health Subsite: Walyan
June 2020

Pharmacological ablation of the airway smooth muscle layer—Mathematical predictions of functional improvement in asthma

Findings provide further proof of concept that pharmacological targeting of airway smooth muscle thickness will be beneficial and may be facilitated by azithromycin

Asthma Published research Respiratory Environmental Health
May 2020

The Evolving Landscape of e-Cigarettes: A Systematic Review of Recent Evidence

This review focuses on smokers and nonsmokers and evaluates the most recent data regarding the potential health effects of e-cigarettes

Published research Respiratory Environmental Health