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Postdoctoral Research Officer

Eng, MSc, PhD

Patricia Agudelo-Romero holds an engineering bachelor from the University of Los Llanos (Colombia), along with a Masters and PhD degrees from the National School of Public Health of Spain (ISCIII) and the Polytechnical University of Valencia (UPV). She has since held postdoctoral positions in the University of Lisbon (Portugal) and the University of Western Australia, and was a postdoctoral visitor in the University of Barcelona and University of Logroño (Spain).

Her research explores the interactions of microorganisms and their hosts using different omics approaches, working in both plant and medical sciences. Currently, her main focus is the host-microorganism interaction in paediatric chronic respiratory diseases, including microbial clinical genomics.

As a computational biologist and bioinformatician, she is leading a platform for virus discovery and annotation using metagenomics data and dual-RNAseq. She has a strong interest in characterising the virome within the microbiome and analysing its role in human health and disease.

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