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Senior Research Officer

BSc BMedSc(hons) PhD


Christian is an immunologist and post-doctoral scientist within the Vaccine Trials Group and Bacterial Respiratory Infectious Diseases Group. He is interested in the immunological mechanisms that underlie life-long immune memory and how it can be optimised in future vaccines, particularly against respiratory pathogens. Christian possesses expertise in the analysis of memory B cells and Fc-effector functions of antibodies. This includes designing high-parameter, antigen-specific, spectral flow cytometry methodology to track B cell responses to vaccines and pathogens at the single cell level, as well as assays for measuring the opsonophagocytic function of antibodies.

Prior to joining Telethon Kids in 2021, Christian was conferred a PhD in Immunology (2020) from the University of Western Australia, under the supervision of Professor Martyn French and Dr Sonia Fernandez. Christian also previously held the position of Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Specialist at Curtin University (2019-2021).

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