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January 2020

The contributions of fetal growth restriction and gestational age to developmental outcomes at 12 months of age: A cohort study

Developmental assessment of infants with fetal growth restriction was mostly comparable to those born without fetal growth restriction at 12 months

Published research Child Disability Youth Mental Health
September 2019

Recurrence Risk of Autism in Siblings and Cousins: A Multinational, Population-Based Study

The present estimates of relative recurrence risks for autism spectrum disorder and childhood autism will assist clinicians and families in understanding autism risk

Autism Spectrum Disorders Published research Child Disability
December 2019

Predicting Long-Term Survival Without Major Disability for Infants Born Preterm

Apgar score, birth weight, sex, socioeconomic status, and maternal ethnicity, in addition to gestational age, have pronounced impacts on disability-free survival.

Published research Aboriginal Health & Wellbeing Child Disability