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April 2020

Hospital admissions in children with developmental disabilities from ethnic minority backgrounds

Children with CP and intellectual disability, particularly from minority backgrounds, were at higher risk of being admitted to hospital after the first year of life

Published research Academic Biostatistics Alcohol and Pregnancy and FASD Research Child Disability
February 2020

Risk of Hospitalizations Following Gastrostomy in Children with Intellectual Disability

Gastrostomy was associated with health benefits including reduced all-cause and epilepsy hospitalizations, but was not protective against acute LRTI

Published research Intellectual Disability Child Disability
February 2020

Prevalence of Motor Difficulties in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Analysis of a Population-Based Cohort

In this population-based cohort that included 2,084 children with autism aged ≤6 years, over one-third met the criteria for motor difficulties

Autism Spectrum Disorders Published research Child Disability Autism Research Youth Mental Health