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September 2023

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men: A discussion to be had

Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) is a lifelong disability of varying severity that occurs among individuals prenatally exposed to alcohol. Among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) Australians, the effects of colonisation and ongoing racism could increase the risk of alcohol consumption during pregnancy.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Published research Aboriginal Health & Wellbeing Aboriginal Health Child Disability Maternal health
July 2023

Long-term outcomes of symptomatic optic pathway glioma: 32-year experience at a single Western Australian tertiary pediatric oncology center

Optic pathway gliomas (OPGs) are associated with significant risk of visual and endocrine morbidity, but data on long-term outcomes in symptomatic patients is sparse. This study reviews the clinical course, disease progression, survival outcomes and long-term sequelae in pediatric patients with symptomatic OPGs in our institution over three decades.

Children's Cancers Published research Child Disability Brain Tumour Research
July 2023

Severe Congenital Heart Defects and Cerebral Palsy

To report the prevalence of cerebral palsy (CP) in children with severe congenital heart defects (sCHD) and the outcome/severity of the CP.

Cerebral Palsy Published research Child Disability Child disability