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10 things to know about autism

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September 2023

Do parent-reported early indicators predict later developmental language disorder? A Raine Study investigation

Developmental language disorder (DLD) is one of the most common neurodevelopmental conditions. Due to variable rates of language growth in children under 5 years, the early identification of children with DLD is challenging. Early indicators are often outlined by speech pathology regulatory bodies and other developmental services as evidence to empower caregivers in the early identification of DLD.

Published research Early Childhood Development Autism Research Ear Health Youth Mental Health Subsite: CliniKids Developmental Coordination Disorder
July 2023

The first six months of life: A systematic review of early markers associated with later autism

There is now good evidence that behavioural signs of autism spectrum conditions (autism) emerge over the first two years of life. Identifying clear developmental differences early in life may facilitate earlier identification and intervention that can promote longer-term quality of life. Here we present a systematic review of studies investigating behavioural markers of later autism diagnosis or symptomology taken at 0-6 months.

Autism Spectrum Disorders Published research Autism Research Subsite: CliniKids
July 2023

Commentary: A spectrum for all? A response to Green et al. (2023), neurodiversity, autism and health care

The broadening of the clinical definition of autism over time-the so-called, autism spectrum-has run in parallel with the growth of a neurodiversity movement that has reframed the concept of autism entirely. Without a coherent and evidence-based framework through which both of these advances can be situated, the field is at risk of losing definition altogether.

Autism Spectrum Disorders Published research Autism Research Subsite: CliniKids
Jun 2023

Arcuate fasciculus and pre-reading language development in children with prenatal alcohol exposure

Prenatal alcohol exposure (PAE) contributes to widespread neurodevelopmental challenges, including reading, and has been associated with altered white matter. Here, we aimed to investigate whether arcuate fasciculus development is associated with pre-reading language skills in young children with PAE.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Published research Early Childhood Development Language Development Autism Research