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Video: Living with childhood autism

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Autism on 7 News

October 2022

An Evaluation of the Overall Utility of Measures of Functioning Suitable for School-Aged Children on the Autism Spectrum: A Scoping Review

A diagnosis of an autism spectrum condition (autism) provides limited information regarding an individual’s level of functioning, information key in determining support and funding needs.

Autism Spectrum Disorders Published research Autism Research School Attendance Subsite: CliniKids
October 2022

“It Was Such a Different Experience”: a Qualitative Study of Parental Perinatal Experiences When Having a Subsequent Child After Having a Child Diagnosed with Autism

Children who have an older sibling diagnosed with autism have an increased likelihood of being diagnosed with autism or developing broader developmental difficulties. This study explored perinatal experiences of parents of a child diagnosed with autism, spanning pre-conception until the subsequent child’s early developmental period.

Autism Spectrum Disorders Published research Early Childhood Development Autism Research Subsite: CliniKids
August 2022

Multimodal brain features at 3 years of age and their relationship with pre-reading measures 1 year later

Pre-reading language skills develop rapidly in early childhood and are related to brain structure and functional architecture in young children prior to formal education. However, the early neurobiological development that supports these skills is not well understood.

Published research Early Childhood Development Autism Research