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Senior Research Fellow

BPsych BSc (Hons) PhD


Areas of research expertise: epidemiology of autism and other neurodevelopmental disabilities; genealogical registers and intergenerational research

Dr Glasson's major research interests include using population-based data to describe the epidemiology of developmental disorders, namely Rett syndrome, autism, intellectual disability and Down syndrome.

As well as early childhood research, Dr Glasson has research interests surrounding the age-related health profiles of intellectual disability and the disease profiles that characterise adulthood and senescence.

In 2003 Dr Glasson was appointed the coordinator of a new resource, the WA Family Connections Project which is a state-wide genealogy database that can be used in familial or genetic-based research involving linked health data. Dr Glasson still manages this resource at the WA Data Linkage Branch.

Dr Glasson developed Australia's first population-based Autism Register, which has collected continuous prospective data for 17 years under her coordination and now contains information on more than 5,000 cases.