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Senior Research Fellow

BPsych BSc (Hons) PhD


Areas of research expertise: epidemiology of intellectual and developmental conditions; health and wellbeing of siblings and families.

Emma’s major research interests are in the epidemiology of intellectual and developmental conditions, and the wellbeing of children and their families.  The scale of her research varies from analysing data for the whole population, data collected for specific sub-populations, family-level data, and individual data. Her research uses a variety of methods and analyses, including participatory research elements, which aim to complement, enrich, and provide a holistic perspective.

Emma currently leads an NHMRC-funded program of work focusing on the health and wellbeing of siblings of children with developmental conditions.  The research incorporates innovative methods, collecting data from birth to young adulthood at the individual, family and population levels.  The aim is to explore the unique experiences of siblings and siblinghood, including the joys and challenges.  It endeavours to understand sibling strengths and needs, what characterises healthy sibling relationships, and to help find ways to enhance sibling health and wellbeing.