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See, Treat and Prevent (SToP) Skin Sores and Scabies Story

The artwork shown in this puzzle is called ‘Gathering Circles’. It was painted by Bardi Man Luke Ritches from Ardyaloon. Luke painted it for the healthy skin project called ‘See, Treat and Prevent Skin Sores and Scabies Trial’, or ‘SToP Trial’ for short. It tells the story of the SToP Trial. The circles in the artwork represent the nine Indigenous communities working with the SToP Trial. The circles are all different because each community is different and unique in their own way. The blue and pindan colours represent the saltwater and desert of the Kimberley. The dots between the circles represent footprints and song lines that connect the different communities together.

Healthy skin is really important. Healthy skin keeps cheeky germs out of our body that might make our heart, kidneys, blood or bones sick. Sometimes the SToP Trial Healthy Skin Mob will visit you at school or in your community to see how skin is going. You can help SToP skin sores by washing your hands and going to the clinic if you have a sore. That way you will help to keep your community strong and safe.


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IHHP - Merredin "Gotta Keep it Strong"


National Healthy Skin Guideline