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National Healthy Skin Guideline

National Healthy Skin Guideline is designed to help health care providers easily recognise, diagnose, and treat skin infections using online resources such as photographs, learning tools and an interactive questionnaire. The Guideline also provides plenty of information on how to stop the spread of germs and keep skin strong and healthy.

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Healthy Skin Resource

Our team has worked alongside Elder Researchers and community members from across WA to bring together a suite of Healthy Skin resources that are both culturally and geographically appropriate. These resources include health promotion books that incorporate traditional language and medicine, music videos, clinical factsheets, and guidelines.

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Figure 1. Project timeline for the Healthy Skin and ARF Prevention team. Project titles aligned with their corresponding stage of the Aboriginal Research Standard Process outlined in the Guidelines for the Standards for the Conduct of Aboriginal Health Research. Projects are separated into Kimberly region and Metro region. As of March 2024.


Music Video

IHHP - Merredin "Gotta Keep it Strong"


National Healthy Skin Guideline