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Postdoctoral Research Officer - SToP Trial

Dr Thomas first joined the Telethon Kids Institute with the DETECT Schools Study, a project rapidly stood up in 2020 to assess the asymptomatic transmission and psychological impact of COVID-19 in 79 schools across WA. With her combined research background and experience in school-based outreach and engagement, Dr Thomas led the interpretation and consolidation of DETECT data and findings to inform local Government responses to the pandemic in WA.

In 2021, Dr Thomas joined the Skin Health team as a Postdoctoral Researcher under the guidance of Associate Professor Asha Bowen. She supports the coordination and scientific direction of the SToP Trial, which aims to reduce the burden of skin sores (caused by Strep A infection) and scabies in school-aged children through the implementation of a holistic skin control program of ‘See’, ‘Treat’ and ‘Prevent’ skin health activities in the Kimberley region of WA.

With a PhD in wound healing mechanisms and a Master of Science Communication and Outreach, Dr Thomas brings to her team complimentary research, communication, and engagement skills with which she is driven to affect tangible change in health outcomes for Australian Aboriginal children, who experience some of the highest rates in the world of Strep A infection and downstream health consequences such as Acute Rheumatic Fever and Rheumatic Heart Disease.