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Research Officer & PhD


Katherine is a final year PhD student studying the toxic effects of biodiesel exhaust exposure. Biodiesel is a renewable diesel fuel that can be made from almost any fat or oil, including the waste from cooking fryers. Katherine’s research has shown that it is critical that the right type of oil is used to make the biodiesel, in order to minimise health impacts of exhaust exposure. Children are some of the most at risk from air pollution due to their still growing lungs and it is vital that the right type of biodiesel is chosen before more widespread usage, in order to minimise those health impacts.

Katherine studied genetics and biochemistry at the University of Western Australia and completed her Honours in 2016 in the field of cancer immunology. She is currently completing her PhD at Curtin University in the fields of Public Health and Toxicology. She is interested in continuing research in the toxicology field, particularly on how everyday environmental exposures can have great impacts on health.