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December 2021

Spitz Melanoma of Childhood With A Novel Promoter Hijacking Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase (C2orf42-ALK) Rearrangement

We present the case of a prepubescent man of African descent who developed a spitzoid melanocytic proliferation showing evidence of a novel promoter hijacking ALK-C2orf42 rearrangement, with atypical histology, clinically apparent metastatic disease, and abnormal cytogenetic findings, representing a rare genuine case of "Spitz melanoma of childhood."

Published research Sarcoma Translational Research Rare diseases
January 2022

PPARalpha and PPARgamma activation is associated with pleural mesothelioma invasion but therapeutic inhibition is ineffective

Mesothelioma is a cancer that typically originates in the pleura of the lungs. It rapidly invades the surrounding tissues, causing pain and shortness of breath. We compared cell lines injected either subcutaneously or intrapleurally and found that only the latter resulted in invasive and rapid growth.

Published research Systems Immunology Sarcoma Translational Research
December 2021

Targeting cross-presentation as a route to improve the efficiency of peptide-based cancer vaccines

Cross-presenting dendritic cells (DC) offer an attractive target for vaccination due to their unique ability to process exogenous antigens for presentation on MHC class I molecules. Recent reports have established that these DC express unique surface receptors and play a critical role in the initiation of anti-tumor immunity, opening the way for the development of vaccination strategies specifically targeting these cells.

Children's Cancers Published research Cancer Immunotherapy Sarcoma Translational Research
May 2021

A tipping point in cancer-immune dynamics leads to divergent immunotherapy responses and hampers biomarker discovery

Predicting treatment response or survival of cancer patients remains challenging in immuno-oncology. Efforts to overcome these challenges focus, among others, on the discovery of new biomarkers. Despite advances in cellular and molecular approaches, only a limited number of candidate biomarkers eventually enter clinical practice.

Children's Cancers Published research Sarcoma Translational Research