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May 2024

The Australian New Zealand Consortium in Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults Oncofertility action plan

International and national oncofertility networks, including the US-led Oncofertility Consortium, FertiProtekt, and the Danish Network, have played pivotal roles in advancing the discipline of oncofertility over the last decade. Many other countries lack a shared approach to pediatric oncofertility health service delivery.

Published research Sarcoma Translational Research
April 2024

Invasive fungal disease in children with solid tumors: An Australian multicenter 10-year review

Invasive fungal disease (IFD) occurs less frequently during treatment for solid compared to hematological malignancies in children, and risk groups are poorly defined. Retrospective national multicenter cohort data (2004-2013) were analyzed to document prevalence, clinical characteristics, and microbiology of IFD.

Children's Cancers Published research Infectious Diseases Infectious Diseases Epidemiology Brain Tumour Research Leukaemia Translational Research Subsite: Wesfarmers Centre of Vaccines and Infectious Diseases Sarcoma Translational Research Immune system
May 2024

Time-course RNAseq data of murine AB1 mesothelioma and Renca renal cancer following immune checkpoint therapy

Time-critical transcriptional events in the immune microenvironment are important for response to immune checkpoint blockade (ICB), yet these events are difficult to characterise and remain incompletely understood. Here, we present whole tumor RNA sequencing data in the context of treatment with ICB in murine models of AB1 mesothelioma and Renca renal cell cancer. 

Children's Cancers Published research Computational Biology Sarcoma Translational Research Translational Genetics
April 2024

Immune checkpoint therapy responders display early clonal expansion of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes

Immune checkpoint therapy (ICT) causes durable tumour responses in a subgroup of patients, but it is not well known how T cell receptor beta (TCRβ) repertoire dynamics contribute to the therapeutic response. 

Children's Cancers Computational Biology Airway Epithelial Research Sarcoma Translational Research Subsite: Walyan Translational Genetics