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January 2024

Describing skin health and disease in urban-living Aboriginal children: co-design, development and feasibility testing of the Koolungar Moorditj Healthy Skin pilot project

Indigenous children in colonised nations experience high rates of health disparities linked to historical trauma resulting from displacement and dispossession, as well as ongoing systemic racism. Skin infections and their complications are one such health inequity, with the highest global burden described in remote-living Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander (hereafter respectfully referred to as Aboriginal) children. Yet despite increasing urbanisation, little is known about the skin infection burden for urban-living Aboriginal children.

Aboriginal Health & Wellbeing Subsite: Wesfarmers Centre of Vaccines and Infectious Diseases Subsite: END RHD Healthy Skin and ARF Prevention Strep A Pathogenesis and Diagnostics Strep A & ARF Therapeutics
December 2023

Improving the capacity of researchers and bereaved parents to co-design and translate stillbirth research together

Working with bereaved parents in co-designed stillbirth research, policy and practice is essential to improving care and outcomes. 

Published research Aboriginal Health & Wellbeing
November 2023

Mapping the citation network on vitamin D research in Australia: a data-driven approach

Vitamin D research can vary geographically, as vitamin D status is influenced by latitude, season, dietary intake, body mass index, ethnicity, and public health initiatives. Over the last two decades, research on vitamin D has increased in Australia, where the potential for sun exposure (a major source of vitamin D) is high. We aimed to identify key topics and gaps in vitamin D research in Australia using a data-driven approach.

Published research Aboriginal Health & Wellbeing Vitamin D and Sunlight
November 2023

Hospital and emergency department discharge against medical advice in Western Australian Aboriginal children aged 0–4 years from 2002 to 2018: A cohort study

Discharge against medical advice (DAMA) is a priority issue for the health system. Little is known about the factors associated with DAMA for Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander (Aboriginal) children in Australia. 

Published research Aboriginal Health & Wellbeing Aboriginal Health