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November 2020

Socioethnic disparities in severe maternal morbidity in Western Australia: a statewide retrospective cohort study

To assess the scale of ethnic inequalities in severe maternal morbidity (SMM) rates and quantify the contribution of maternal characteristics to these disparities. This is a retrospective cohort study. A whole-of-population linked administrative data from 2002 to 2015 in Western Australia.

Published research Aboriginal Health & Wellbeing Aboriginal Health
March 2020

Identifying young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in linked administrative data: A comparison of methods

In the ongoing debate on optimum methods for identification of Indigenous people within linked administrative data, few studies have examined the impacts of method on population counts and outcomes in family-based linkage studies of Aboriginal children.

Published research Aboriginal Health & Wellbeing Aboriginal Health
February 2020

Psychosocial disadvantage and residential remoteness is associated with Aboriginal women's mental health prior to childbirth

Optimal mental health in the pre-conception, pregnancy and postpartum periods is important for both maternal and infant wellbeing. Few studies, however, have focused on Indigenous women and the specific risk and protective factors that may prompt vulnerability to perinatal mental disorders in this culturally diverse population.

Published research Aboriginal Health & Wellbeing Aboriginal Health
June 2020

Profile of severely growth-restricted births undelivered at 40 weeks in Western Australia

Higher levels of poor perinatal outcomes among FGR births highlight the importance of appropriate management including fetal growth monitoring

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