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In close partnership with Perth Children's Hospital, our researchers are seeking to discover vulnerabilities in paediatric cancers and to develop therapies that destroy cancer cells while minimising harm to healthy cells.

In particular, they are specialising in several types of leukaemia, brain tumour, melanoma and a rare incurable carcinoma, called NUT midline carcinoma.

They are:

  • Paving the way to individualised treatments, by investigating how cancer cells respond to different drugs and how to identify children with the greatest risk of relapse. This includes understanding how our genome affects an individual’s chance to develop disease and modulates individual responses to drug treatments.
  • Using high-throughput robotic technologies to discover novel compounds and repurposing of drugs already used for other diseases which are more effective and less toxic than current therapies.
  • Harnessing the patient’s own immunity to destroy tumours.
  • Ensuring children can join international clinical trials providing the latest available cutting edge treatments.
  • Undertaking major epidemiological studies to try to identify potential causative genetic and environmental factors.
video: living with childhood cancer

Meet Bailey

He's a cancer survivor, diagnosed with a brain tumour at 13 years of age, something he describes as a devastating moment.

One day, he hopes there will be a cure for cancer that won't involve horrible chemotherapy.

video: cancer researcher

Meet Dr Nick Gottardo

Paediatric oncologist and researcher Dr Nick Gottardo is looking to uncover new drugs that might work against children's brain cancer. 

He wants to cure as many kids as possible with the best quality of life.

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