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Supported by a grant from Healthway and led by Dr Morgan and Dr Yael Perry – Co- Head of Youth Mental Health at Telethon Kids - Transforming Families was developed with significant involvement from national and local partner organisations and, most importantly, parents.

“It really has been led by those with lived experience of what they need,” Dr Morgan said. Dr Perry said many of the parents who had been willing to talk to the team had been on quite a journey.

“Many of them did not start out supporting their child when they first came out to them. Initial reactions ranged from outright rejection, to ambivalence and acceptance. They were able to reflect on that experience and harness it to provide recommendations of what might help others in a similar position.”

In efforts to counter misinformation and provide practical support for parents, Transforming Families features research summaries written in accessible language and with direct links to empirical studies. There are also scripts to help parents ask questions at their local GP and navigate conversations with schools and extended family members.

We just wanted to make it really easy for parents to get all the information they need in one place, in a really quick, digestible and easy-to-use format. We want to support them to make good decisions for their family and eliminate unnecessary distress on the path to understanding their child.

Dr Yael Perry