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Doctoral Student

BA (Hons)


Helen is a Clinical Psychology Doctoral student under the supervision of Associate Professor Ashleigh Lin and Dr Yael Perry at Telethon Kids’ Institute and Dr Renita Almeida and Ms Amanda O’Donovan at Murdoch University. Helen is a certified provisional psychologist and has worked with clients across the lifespan in matters related to mental health and psychometric assessment in clinical and community settings. She has a Bachelor of Arts with First Class Honours in Psychology from Edith Cowan University, and is currently completing her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at Murdoch University.

Helen is supported by an Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship and her mixed-methods research is focussed on a series of exploratory studies regarding the facilitation of acceptance in trans and gender diverse young people. She is also developing a translational research program to aid parents in supporting their trans and gender diverse children in collaboration with the Gender Diversity Service at Perth Children’s Hospital and the GENTLE (GENder identiTy Longitudinal Experience) cohort team at Telethon Kids’ Institute.