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Coping with Gender Dysphoria

Check out our tips for Coping with Gender Dysphoria.

Coming Out

Check out Minus18’s guide to coming out as transtips for coming out, and other coming out content.

Guide to Medical Transition

Figuring out how to go through medical transition can be challenging and the service options and pathways vary depending on where you live. Contact QLife or one of the community support and info services below to figure out exactly what will work for you.

Check out Minus18’s Guide to Medical Transition or the Northern Territory Government’s info for trans and gender diverse adolescents and children for an overview too. The NT Government have a handy Trans Service Pathways flow chart that breaks it down simply.

  • QLife - Information and resources about LGBTI diversity and mental health, and support or referrals through telephone counselling or webchat
  • headspace - Information on mental health and LGBTI diversity, local LGBTQI groups and counseling, and online and telephone support and chat counseling through eheadpace. Contact your local headspace centre or
  • Youth Beyond Blue - Information and support online or by phone.
  • - Online information and chat support for mental health, including coping with stressbullying and more.
  • Minus18 - Information on gender and sexuality based in Melbourne.
  • Parents of Gender Diverse Children - Support and information for parents of trans and gender diverse young people. Based in Melbourne.

These are some key state and territory based services:

Australian Capital Territory

  • A Gender Agenda - Peer support and information for trans, gender diverse and intersex people

New South Wales

  • Twenty10 - Support, counseling and information for LGBTI young people
  • Gender Centre - Support and information for trans people

Northern Territory


South Australia

  • Trans Health SA - Health, legal and support information for trans people



Western Australia


Introducing Trans Pathways

Trans Pathways is the largest study ever conducted of the mental health and care pathways of trans and gender diverse young people in Australia (859 participants). It is also the first Australian study to incorporate the views of parents and guardians of trans young people (194 participants).


Meet Drew - Our Trans Pathways Ambassador

Drew is 16 years old. He came out as trans two years ago. This is his experience.

The SPARX-T project was supported by Healthway.