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Head, Early-life Microbial Immunology



Dr. Archita Mishra leads the Early-life Microbial Immunology Group at Telethon Kids Institute. Her lab focuses on the role of the microbiome in early-life immune development. She completed her PhD at IISc Bangalore, India, earning the INSA Young Scientist Medal for her work on novel drug targets in Tuberculosis (Mishra et. al. EMBO Mol Med, 2018).

For her post-doctoral work she moved to Singapore Immunology Network, ASTAR, to work with a world-leading immunologist Prof. Florent Ginhoux. Dr. Mishra was awarded the prestigious and highly competitive HFSP long-term fellowship to conduct her post-doctoral research. 

Her pioneering work demonstrates the presence of healthy microbes during fetal development and their role in priming of the immune system early in development (Mishra et al. Cell 2021). Dr. Mishra’s work opens a new field of research exploring the role of microbiome in immune priming and early-education during the perinatal period of human development.

Dr. Mishra started her laboratory at Telethon Kids Institute in the year 2022 and established the 'Early-life Microbial Immunology' program. She was awarded Raine-BrightSpark Fellowship for her work on Microbiome and Immune development in Early-Life. Her lab employs advanced technologies like Microbial genomics, single-cell approaches and Spatial Transcriptomics to study microbial-immune interactions and their effects on childhood infections, allergy, response to vaccination and cancer.