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Rothwell Family Fellow; Head, Airway Epithelial Research

BSc (Hons) PhD

Associate Professor Kicic completed his undergraduate and doctorate degrees at the University of Western Australia, specializing in Molecular Biology and Cell Biology. His research interests lie in tissue engineering and reparative cell biology, particularly focusing on the ability of the cells in the body to repair, including stem cells. Qualified in these areas, he has previously been responsible founding a Stem Cell Unit (Lions Eye Institute, Perth), establishing dedicated laboratories for stem cell research and establishing stem cell isolation and differentiation techniques for both embryonic and adult-derived stem cells. Currently at the Institute, his research has been to investigate the tissue resident stem cells found in the lung and to examine their role in airway repair, identifying target areas for therapeutic application.

His research also focuses on the role of the airway epithelium in the pathogenesis of a number of respiratory diseases including childhood asthma, cystic fibrosis and lung transplant rejection.