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Senior Postdoctoral Researcher and Research Project Manager

BSc(Hons), PhD

Dr Meegan Howlett’s research focuses on identifying novel treatments to combine with standard-of-care chemotherapy and radiotherapy that also induce minimal side effects, to improve outcomes for paediatric brain cancer patients.

Meegan completed her Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology) at Murdoch University before working in immunology diagnostics and research as a locum medical scientist in the Department of Immunology, Fremantle Hospital.

Meegan then relocated to Melbourne taking up a Research Assistant position in the Department of Medicine, Melbourne University, where she later completed her Honours degree in gastric cancer research. Her lab relocated to the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) where she completed her PhD studies on STAT3 signalling in gastric cancer.

After a short post-doctoral position in the same laboratory, travelling and voluntary work abroad, Meegan returned to WA and began her postdoctoral studies in Prof’s Kees’ Leukaemia and Cancer Laboratory at the Telethon Kids Institute, focussing on leukemia and microenvironmental interactions in the bone marrow.

Meegan has been in her current Postdoctoral and Research Project Manager position with Dr Raelene Endersby and Dr Nick Gottardo since 2016, where she utilises her expertise in cancer signalling, mouse modelling, the cancer microenvironment and project management to help drive the team’s research closer toward improving survival and quality of life for all children suffering from deadly brain cancers.

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