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Suggested citation: Strauss, P., Hill, N.T.M., Marion, L., Gilbey, D., Waters, Z., Moore, J.K., Costanza, M., Lamblin, M., Robinson, J., Lin, A., Perry, Y. (2022). Suicide prevention in LGBTQA+ young people: best practice guidelines for clinical and community service providers. Telethon Kids Institute: Perth, Australia.

This project was supported by a Cockell Research Collaboration Award from the Raine Foundation, and the AMP Foundation. These guidelines have been endorsed by the Australian Professional Association for Trans Health.


Media Contacts

Please direct general enquiries to our reception on (08) 6319 1000.

Please direct media enquiries to our media team:

Tamara Hunter
Senior Communications Officer, Telethon Kids Institute
Phone: 08 6319 1644 (office) or 0459 859 126 (mobile)

  • Who should use these guidelines?
  • When should these guidelines be used?

Some of the topics discussed in this report may be distressing for some individuals. Please reach out for support if you are feeling distressed.

Thanks to all who joined us for the official launch of the Suicide prevention guidelines for LGBTQA+ young people. Hosted on August 24, 2022, we were joined by a wonderful panel to discuss the creation and application of these guidelines, featuring:

  • Prof Ashleigh Lin - Host and Program Head, Mental Health and Youth at Telethon Kids Institute
  • Dr Yael Perry – Senior Researcher and Co-Head, Youth Mental Health at Telethon Kids Institute
  • Jennifer Griffiths – Clinical Specialist, A/Director/Consultant Clinical Psychologist, YouthLink
  • Charlotte Glance - LGBTQA+ Youth Advocate, Youth Pride Network Project & Policy Manager

Did you ask a question but we ran out of time to answer? View our supplementary Q&A answers, provided by Telethon Kids researchers, which cover any questions we didn’t get to during the webinar.