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Evidence Report

Executive function skills are critical in allowing a child to successfully navigate everyday challenges in a range of environmental contexts, including coping with the demands of formal schooling. This Evidence Report outlines the main components of executive function and describes how these core skills develop in early childhood.

Read the Evidence Report to learn more about the development of executive function and self-regulation in early childhood.

Research Snapshot

Early childhood is an important time for the development of the brain’s executive functions. These are mental skills that help the brain manage multiple streams of information, filter distractions and make decisions.

Read this Research Snapshot for a quick look at executive function and self-regulation in early childhood.

News Article

Life skills for every child

Ellen Galinsky has spent a lifetime unlocking the science behind how children learn as well as the skills essential to helping them thrive and, sharing that knowledge with others.

The renowned author of the best-selling book Mind in the Making: The Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs, and chief science officer at the Bezos Family Foundation, says it is not just the content of what a child learns but, importantly, how they go about learning that is predictive of later life success.


Executive Function




Building Core Capabilities