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Pictured: Hugo, Jacob, and Aria Hammer

Jacob Hammer is one of 600 fathers who will be recruited to the Flourishing in Fatherhood project when it starts in mid-2023.

Dad to three-year-old Hugo and 18-month-old Aria, Mr Hammer said the transition to fatherhood could be tough.

“When Hugo was first born, I felt like I was giving up a part of my life, even though I was gaining so much, too. I did find it quite hard,” Mr Hammer said.

“Cycling and training were a big part of my life, and I just didn’t have the time for it when he first came along. It took some adjustment; life just became a lot more complex.

“It was tricky when Cara, my wife, was breastfeeding, as there was only so much I could do given the baby was always attached to her.

“I did meet up with a few other dads initially, mostly the husbands of the mothers’ group, and it was good to share our experiences, but the support network just isn’t there for dads as it is with mums, I think.”

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