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Why choose BioSpecs?

Since our inception in May 2020, BioSpecs has numerous agreements in place with an array of research teams from within Telethon Kids Institute, Perth Children's Hospital, Perron Institute, Cincinnati Children's Hospital and more. BioSpecs is partnered with laboratories, Institutes, and hospitals on all continents except Antarctica.

Our partners choose BioSpecs for various reasons such as coordinating multi-site clinical studies, managing high-throughput sample collections, being on standby for sporadic unscheduled sampling, access to our skill sets and expertise, providing redundancy support during periods of leave and our streamlined flexible processes.

BioSpecs is a cost-efficient service as you are only charged for what you use, whether that be for our time or per sample. That means during quiet periods your laboratory budget (salaries, consumables etc.) is not affected. Conversely, during busy periods you avoid the need to employ additional staff and associated costs, or having a back-log of samples to process and compromising their quality.

Pre-analytical processes are known to be important but traditionally have not evolved to reflect the latest developments. There is merit in sticking with what you know, however pre-analytics has emerged as a professionalised field and is gaining further traction - the rapid up take of -omics studies now demand it. There are dedicated journals, research groups, networks and even qualifications related to these processes.

Pre-analytical science has become professionalised, and by partnering with BioSpecs your research can harness these developments and add further value to your important work.

BioSpecs is a centralised platform located within Telethon Kids, Perth Children's Hospital and the QEII Medical Centre.

BioSpecs can help you interact with a diverse field of researchers, clinicians, and other stakeholders, to manage all types of clinical or animal laboratory studies including intensive vaccine trials, complex longitudinal studies, acute emergency admissions or infrequent collections; both on-site and off-site.

We have a range of qualified staff to ensure your samples are collected and processed promptly and, who are experienced in managing samples and processes for clinical trials, observational studies, biobanks and animal studies.

Our processes are diligently tracked and reported back to you.

As part of our expanding Quality Assurance Program, BioSpecs will track the moment your specimen is sampled to the time it is processed, stored, and distributed.

We incorporate KPIs to ensure lag times, temperatures, procedures, transport conditions and equipment parameters meet your requirements. Where requested we can track consumable batches, temperature logs, record observations and other details pertinent to your study.

Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction Platform

Our Extraction Platform utilises the Chemagic360, a robotic magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction system. and the silica membrane column based automated QIAcube HT robot. Both are a popular choice for genomic, epigenetic and transcriptomics.

Coupled with the liquid handling robot, Zephyr G3 NGS, we can provide high quality extractions in a short-turn around while vastly reducing the risk of cross-contamination and compromising down-stream -omics studies.

BioSpecs is actively engaged in emerging technologies and can extract high molecular weight DNA for the increasingly popular application of long-read sequencing.

Your extracts can be further purified with a magnetic post-extraction clean-up. Standard QC includes UV spectrophotometry (purity) and fluorescent-based quantification (concentration). Nucleic acid integrity analysis (DIN/RIN) is available upon request.

We work in close collaboration with Genomics WA, who provide a local genomics service located within the Telethon Kids Institute the Harry Perkins building.

Please direct general enquiries to our reception on (08) 6319 1000. For further information about our laboratory equipment, please contact:

Chris Gorman
Biospecimens Service Coordinator
Phone: (08) 6319 1057
Email: Chris Gorman