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December 2023

Impaired interferon response in plasmacytoid dendritic cells from children with persistent wheeze

Impaired interferon response and allergic sensitization may contribute to virus-induced wheeze and asthma development in young children. Plasmacytoid dendritic cells play a key role in antiviral immunity as critical producers of type I interferons. 

Asthma Published research Pregnancy and Early Life Immunology Human Immunology Airway Epithelial Research Subsite: Wesfarmers Centre of Vaccines and Infectious Diseases Children’s Respiratory Science Lung function
January 2024

Egg-sensitised infants have elevated CD4+ effector memory T regulatory cells from birth

IgE-mediated sensitisation to egg is common in infants. In some cases, the processes leading to egg sensitisation are established in early life, even before introduction to solid foods. The underlying mechanisms remain poorly understood. 

Published research Pregnancy and Early Life Immunology Nutrition in Early Life ORIGINS Bacterial Respiratory Infectious Disease Group
November 2023

Early Peanut Immunotherapy in Children (EPIC) trial: Protocol for a pragmatic randomised controlled trial of peanut oral immunotherapy in children under 5 years of age

Food allergy is a major public health challenge in Australia. Despite widespread uptake of infant feeding and allergy prevention guidelines the incidence of peanut allergy in infants has not fallen, and prevalence of peanut allergy in school-aged children continues to rise. Therefore, effective and accessible treatments for peanut allergy are required.

Published research Pregnancy and Early Life Immunology Food Allergy
November 2023

Systemic perturbations in amino acids/amino acid derivatives and tryptophan pathway metabolites associated with murine influenza A virus infection

Influenza A virus is the only influenza virus causing flu pandemics. Influenza is a highly contagious disease that can be deadly, especially in high-risk groups. Worldwide, these annual epidemics are estimated to result in about 3 to 5 million cases of severe illness and in about 290,000 to 650,000 respiratory deaths. 

Published research Influenza Infectious Diseases Pregnancy and Early Life Immunology