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March 2022

Neonatal sepsis: a systematic review of core outcomes from randomised clinical trials

The lack of a consensus definition of neonatal sepsis and a core outcome set proves a substantial impediment to research that influences policy and practice relevant to key stakeholders, patients and parents.

Published research Early Childhood Development Pregnancy and Early Life Immunology Immune system
March 2023

Associations between the human immune system and gut microbiome with neurodevelopment in the first 5 years of life: A systematic scoping review

The aim of this review was to map the literature assessing associations between maternal or infant immune or gut microbiome biomarkers and child neurodevelopmental outcomes within the first 5 years of life. We conducted a PRISMA-ScR compliant review of peer-reviewed, English-language journal articles.

Published research Human Capability Child Disability Pregnancy and Early Life Immunology Subsite: ORIGINS Project Early Neurodevelopment and Mental Health
December 2022

Potential immunological effects of gender-affirming hormone therapy in transgender people – an unexplored area of research

There are well-described sex-based differences in how the immune system operates. In particular, cisgender (cis) females have a more easily activated immune system; associated with an increased prevalence of autoimmune diseases and adverse events following vaccinations. Conversely, cis males have a higher threshold for immune activation, and are more prone to certain infectious diseases, such as coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Published research Immunisation Pregnancy and Early Life Immunology Gender Diversity Youth Mental Health COVID-19 Immune system