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Head, Early Life & Life-Course Health Program; Team Lead, Nutrition in Early Life


Areas of research expertise: Maternal and paediatric nutrition, paediatric allergic disease and intervention trials

Debbie Palmer’s research focuses on nutritional strategies for allergy prevention.

After ten years of clinical paediatric dietetic experience and specialising in food allergy treatment, Debbie commenced her research career. Over the past decade, she has conducted eleven intervention trials focusing on maternal and infant diets and assessed the allergic disease development outcomes in young children.

Her previous studies have investigated:

  • maternal fish oil supplementation during pregnancy
  • optimal exposure of egg protein through breast milk to infants during lactation
  • optimal timing of egg introduction into the solid food diet of infants
  • oral vitamin D supplementation to infants.

Her current research activities include conducting randomised controlled trials focusing on nutritional interventions for the prevention of allergic disease, including:

  • maternal prebiotic supplementation during pregnancy and lactation
  • maternal intakes of egg and peanut during pregnancy and lactation
  • infant introduction to cashew nut spread in infancy.