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Laboratory Head, Translational Genomics in Leukaemia, Ursula Kees Fellow (CCRF), Cancer Council WA Fellow (CCWA), Senior Research Fellow (UWA), University Associate (Curtin)


Area of research: Genetics, Molecular Biology, Drug screening, Single cell technologies, Preclinical models

Dr Sébastien Malinge is a research scientist with expertise in the genomic, molecular and cellular biology characterisations of blood cancer, with a strong interest in understanding the mechanisms of leukaemia predisposition and development in children. Dr Malinge is the Laboratory Head of the Translational Genomics in Leukaemia (TGL) team at the Telethon Kids Cancer Centre.

Throughout his career, Dr Malinge has trained and mentored several students (Masters/Honours/PhD) and medical and post-doctoral fellows. Over the decades, he has established fruitful collaborations with world leading scientists as witnessed by numerous publications in high profile journals. At Telethon Kids Institute his team applies cutting-edge technologies (whole exome sequencing, CRISPR/Cas9, CyTOF, scRNA-Seq) in multiple clinically relevant models, to discover new molecular biomarkers and novel targetable weaknesses.

His most recent work on leukaemia diagnosed in children with down syndrome (DS) has led to the discovery of key players and mechanisms in tumour development, maintenance and response to 'standard of care' treatments, opening new areas of investigations for targeted therapies. Dr Malinge's long term goal is to develop new treatments; more efficacious and less toxic, to improve long-term outcomes for all children with blood cancer.

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