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Honorary Research Associate

BSc (Hons) PhD

Shelley Gorman is a Group Leader at the Telethon Kids Institute with expertise in the effects of sun exposure and vitamin D on health. She investigates the mechanisms by which ultraviolet radiation modulates metabolic dysfunction, inflammation, and immunity. Through her research, Shelley aims to improve our understanding of biological processes modulated by sun exposure, which provide an evidence-base for research in humans and help health policy makers give better-informed sun exposure advice. Her team also aims to determine how early life environmental and nutritional exposures modulate immune and tissue development.

Shelley's research has identified that low dose sun exposure or induced mediators like nitric oxide could be used to treat obesity and associated cardiometabolic disorders like type-2 diabetes. Her published findings have also provided evidence for many ongoing clinical trials that test whether vitamin D supplementation can intervene in the progression of chronic disease.

Gorman was awarded a four-year Al and Val Rosenstrauss Fellowship from the Rebecca L Cooper Medical Research Foundation in 2016 to investigate how safe sun exposure might be harnessed to suppress the development of obesity and metabolic dysfunction. Her current research program involves the supervision and mentoring of PhD, Honours and MD students, as well as a number of student volunteers.