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Evidence Report

This Evidence Report outlines concepts of community that are fundamental to planning place-based initiatives. It aims to provide guidance to agencies undertaking place-based initiatives to help examine and articulate their assumptions about communities, including how communities are defined, governed, and empowered to participate in decision-making. How existing levels of social capital and capacity can be strengthened within communities is also addressed.


Innovation in Practice: Distributed leadership at Challis Community Primary School

Research Profile

Improving development and learning of children in Western Australia


The Early Years Initiative 

What does this project aim to find out?

The Early Years Initiative (EYI) has the overarching goal of improving the development and learning of children from conception to age four in WA. It aims to empower communities to design, implement and evaluate new, evidence-based approaches to improve the health, learning and development of young children prior to school entry. This ten-year partnership between communities, government/s, researchers, philanthropy and non-government organisations was envisaged as a place-based approach that would leverage current investment, activities and services in target communities to identify practices that could best improve the development and learning of children.