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Western Australian Child Development Atlas

The Child Development Atlas (CDA) project will geographically map aggregated area-level data on child health, social, learning, and development indicators, overlaid by locations and catchment areas of child- and family-oriented services and programs.

The CDA will be an online, interactive mapping tool that will enable the profiling of geographic areas within the State, to inform the planning and development of policies, services, and programs aimed at improving the outcomes of Western Australian children.

Translation of findings from this mapping project will primarily be aimed at a government agency level, with significant benefits expected to be realised for the Western Australian community. 

For further information visit the Atlas website.


Midland Community Advocate Helen Dullard

"Midland is ready and keen to work with the Child Development Atlas. Our research project has established a framework for the next stage of advocacy for children and families facing adversity.

"A Governing Body of leaders will work with the Atlas to access local data. Priority issues and demographics will be available for geographic areas, enabling the identification of patterns and trends relevant to Midland.

"Our research project places Midland in an ideal position to benefit significantly from the Atlas. Robust data will be critical in throwing light on the local disadvantage. This will be possible with community profiles available in the Child Development Atlas that will provide baseline data for evaluation. The Atlas will enhance good decision-making at both the local and state level."