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We need research now more than ever

Thanks to 30 years of support from the WA community, Telethon Kids Institute is home to some of the world’s best researchers – internationally recognised experts in clinical trials, infectious diseases, epidemiology, respiratory and public health.

That’s why we’re an integral part of the scientific global response to COVID-19.

While children will always be at the heart of what we do, right now we’re focussing our expertise and cutting-edge research platforms on responding to this devastating pandemic.

While the number of cases in WA is thankfully low, we cannot be complacent.

Indeed, as we enter a new phase of this pandemic, when Governments begin to consider when to start winding back the restrictions placed on our lives, we need research more than ever.

WA is a unique research environment

The early stage of disease transmission in WA puts us ahead of many in the world in our capacity to understand the disease and implement studies while it is relatively contained.

WA has a thriving research sector that is highly collaborative and unified in its response to COVID-19 as a top priority.

We have the existing research infrastructure and strong links with community that allow us to rapidly design and embed COVID-19 studies without starting from scratch. We have the critical mass of experts working together, frontline clinicians from across the state, global infectious disease experts (who are working first hand on the data from Wuhan, China), global disease mapping specialists and clinical trial experts all supported by the cutting edge technology and facilities.

At Telethon Kids, we have developed a COVID-19 research program that includes projects that must be undertaken immediately while developing others that will be critical to our understanding as we move through this crisis. 

The portfolio addresses critical interventions to stop and slow viral transmission, map the spread across communities to enable more effective controls, inform government policies on social restrictions and safe return to school options plus ways to preserve the mental health and development of our children and families during the isolation and as we return to normal.

National Community Advisory Group

Telethon Kids Institute has supported community involvement and engagement over the past two decades and today has one of the largest and well-developed community engagement programs in research in the world.

Currently we have over 400 community members providing advice and input into research priorities, policy and practice for 45 programs and projects across the Institute, ensuring our research best meets the needs of the communities it serves. Our Community Engagement program is led by Anne McKenzie AM, who is a recognised national and international leader in community engagement.


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