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March 2022

Does fast-food outlet density differ by area-level disadvantage in metropolitan Perth, Western Australia?

Socio-economic spatial patterning of fast-food outlets can result in disparities in the availability and access of food across geographic areas, contributing to health inequalities. This study investigated whether area-level socio-economic disparities exist in fast-food availability across the Perth metropolitan region of Western Australia.

Published research Academic Biostatistics Nutrition Food and Nutrition
April 2022

A pilot study of disease related education and psychotherapeutic support for unresolved grief in parents of children with CF

Diagnosis of chronic disease in a child can result in unresolved grief (UG) in parents. This study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of psychological insight-oriented therapy (IOT) as a treatment for UG compared to disease related education in parents of children with cystic fibrosis. Sequence of delivery, first IOT then disease related education (or vice versa) was also examined, to let all participants experience both interventions.

Cystic Fibrosis Published research Academic Biostatistics P4 Respiratory Health for Kids Subsite: Walyan BREATH
March 2022

Quality of life in paediatric burn patients with non-severe burns

Burns are common worldwide, and the vast majority are non-severe burns of less than 20% of the total body surface area (TBSA). In Australia, paediatric burns account for a third of all burn admissions, thus understanding the quality-of-life outcomes after a non-severe burn in children is important.

Published research Academic Biostatistics
May 2022

Looking beyond: complex holistic care needs of Syrian and Iraqi refugee children and adolescents

Protracted international conflict has seen escalating numbers of displaced and resettled Syrian and Iraqi refugees, raising concerns for their health and well-being. This paper describes the demographic and clinical profiles of recently resettled Syrian and Iraqi refugee children and adolescents across physical, psychosocial, developmental and educational domains using standardised multidisciplinary assessments.

Published research Academic Biostatistics Early Childhood Development Alcohol and Pregnancy and FASD Research Infectious Diseases Epidemiology