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October 2023

The Right Advice, from the Right Person, in the Right Way: Non-Engaged Consumer Families’ Preferences for Lifestyle Intervention Design Relating to Severe Obesity in Childhood

Family-based lifestyle interventions for children/adolescents with severe levels of obesity are numerous, but evidence indicates programs fail to elicit short- or longer-term weight loss outcomes. Families with lived experience can provide valuable insight as we strive to improve outcomes from programs. Our aim was to explore elements that families desired in a program designed to treat severe levels of obesity in young people.

Diabetes (Type 1) Published research Early Childhood Development ORIGINS Diabetes and Obesity Psychology of Active, Healthy Living Child and adolescent health
September 2023

Dimensions of the diet-exercise relationship in later life: A qualitative study

Diet and physical activity are two lifestyle behaviours that are critical for healthy ageing. The aim of this study was to explore how older adults negotiate dietary and physical activity decisions to identify areas of intersection between these two behaviours and inform health promotion interventions targeting both diet and exercise.

Published research ORIGINS Physical activity
August 2023

Experience of primary caregivers in utilising an mHealth application for remote dental screening in preschool children

This study aimed to address the acceptance of mHealth applications for a dental screening app that facilitates patient information entry and captures dental photos remotely to assist in caries diagnosis in preschool children in Australia.

Published research Early Childhood Development ORIGINS Subsite: ORIGINS Project Telehealth Dental Health
July 2023

Beyond Plants: The Ultra-Processing of Global Diets Is Harming the Health of People, Places, and Planet

Global food systems are a central issue for personal and planetary health in the Anthropocene. One aspect of major concern is the dramatic global spread of ultra-processed convenience foods in the last 75 years, which is linked with the rising human burden of disease and growing sustainability and environmental health challenges.

Published research Nutrition ORIGINS Subsite: ORIGINS Project Climate change