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May 2024

Urinary Ferritin as a Noninvasive Means of Assessing Iron Status in Young Children

Iron deficiency (ID) is the most common nutritional deficiency affecting young children. Serum ferritin concentration is the preferred biomarker for measuring iron status because it reflects iron stores; however, blood collection can be distressing for young children and can be logistically difficult. A noninvasive means to measure iron status would be attractive to either diagnose or screen for ID in young children.

Published research Early Childhood Development Nutrition Nutrition in Early Life ORIGINS Subsite: ORIGINS Project
May 2024

Retrospective Examination of Peripubertal Return for Patients of Western Australia's Gender Diversity Service

Children far in advance of pubertal development may be deferred from further assessment for gender-affirming medical treatment until nearer puberty. It is vital that returning peripubertal patients are seen promptly to ensure time-sensitive assessment and provision of puberty suppression treatment where appropriate.

Published research ORIGINS Gender Diversity Youth Mental Health Youth mental health
February 2023

Probiotic supplementation in neonates and long-term gut colonisation: A systematic review of randomised controlled trials

Probiotic supplementation in the neonatal period results in improved gut colonisation with probiotic bacteria in the short term. There is limited information on the long-term sustainability of this colonisation. 

Published research Early Childhood Development Nutrition ORIGINS
March 2023

Nature Connection: Providing a Pathway from Personal to Planetary Health

The vast and growing challenges for human health and all life on Earth require urgent and deep structural changes to the way in which we live. Broken relationships with nature are at the core of both the modern health crisis and the erosion of planetary health. A declining connection to nature has been implicated in the exploitative attitudes that underpin the degradation of both physical and social environments and almost all aspects of personal physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Published research ORIGINS Mental health Physical activity