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Transcribed enhancers lead waves of coordinated transcription in transitioning mammalian cells

published in nature

An atlas of active enhancers across human cell types and tissues

published in nature

A promoter-level mammalian expression atlas

published in nature

An integrated encyclopedia of DNA elements in the human genome

published in nature

Landscape of transcription in human cells

February 2021

Adiposity associated DNA methylation signatures in adolescents are related to leptin and perinatal factors

Epigenetics links perinatal influences with later obesity. We identifed differentially methylated CpG (dmCpG) loci measured at 17 years associated with concurrent adiposity measures and examined whether these were associated with hsCRP, adipokines, and early life environmental factors. Genome-wide DNA methylation from 1192 Raine Study participants at 17 years, identified 29 dmCpGs associated with body mass index, 10 with waist circumference and 9 with subcutaneous fat thickness.

Published research Youth Health Diabetes and Obesity Computational Biology
November 2020

Associations between interpregnancy interval and preterm birth by previous preterm birth status in four high-income countries: a cohort study

To investigate the effect of interpregnancy interval (IPI) on preterm birth (PTB) according to whether the previous birth was preterm or term.

Published research Early Childhood Development Computational Biology
November 2020

Electrostatic Filters to Reduce COVID-19 Spread in Bubble CPAP: An in vitro Study of Safety and Efficacy

Bubble CPAP may be used in infants with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. Electrostatic filters may reduce cross infection. This study aims to determine if including a filter in the bubble CPAP circuit impacts stability of pressure delivery. A new electrostatic filter was placed before (pre) or after (post) the bubble CPAP generator, or with no filter (control) in an in vitro study. Pressure was recorded at the nasal interface for 18 h (6 L/min; 7 cm H2O) on 3 occasions for each configuration. Filter failure was defined as pressure >9 cm H2O for 60 continuous minutes. The filter was weighed before and after each experiment.

Infectious Diseases Computational Biology
December 2020

A flexible computational pipeline for research analyses of unsolved clinical exome cases

Exome sequencing has enabled molecular diagnoses for rare disease patients but often with initial diagnostic rates of ~25-30%. Here we develop a robust computational pipeline to rank variants for reassessment of unsolved rare disease patients. A comprehensive web-based patient report is generated in which all deleterious variants can be filtered by gene, variant characteristics, OMIM disease and Phenolyzer scores, and all are annotated with an ACMG classification and links to ClinVar.

Published research Computational Biology Genetics and Health